Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yours Truly, Bush '82

From A. N. Bush to Edward "Shang" Draper, August 15, 1940:

"Seventy years ago Saturday night was bath time. I used to busy those nights with the hounds in the forests after red bellied foxes to protect the chickens and the lambs. The baths those days were in a washtub, the water heated on the stove. The youngest went first; when it came my turn I would be called by a tooter, made of a cow's horn, coming over the forest -- none too welcome if the trail was hot."

From A.N. Bush to Faye Bush, September 20, 1940:

"At ten, Father told me I was a prospective defender of my country and gave me a lesson in firearms. I am still that and will go when I am needed. However at ten, I needed not lessons in the use of firearms. I knew it all but still took the lessons and kept my mouth shut. My eyesight now would be a drawback."

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